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Tip #2 – Get a Jump-start on Weeds

Get a jump-start on weeds before they get you! As the days get longer and warmer, vigorous warm season weeds are sprouting up all around us. Whether you prefer to spray, hoe or get on your hands and knees, the easiest and most effective time to control weeds is when they first appear. In our area, Frank suggests special attention to “pop weeds”. “Go after them!” he says. You know the ones we’re talking about. Those aggravating little plants that shoot seeds in all directions when you grab hold of them! They can produce seeds at heights as low as an inch depending on conditions. Get them pulled now before they have a... read more

Tip #1 – Fertilize your Lawns and Perennial Plants

Spring has arrived and many of you who love to be outdoors are itching to get your hands dirty in the yard again. Here are a few tips and things to put top priority as you enjoy this beautiful time of year! Tip #1 – Fertilize your Lawns and Perennial Plants Spring is an optimal time to maximize the growth and beauty of your lawns, trees and other perennial plants throughout the growing season by applying the appropriate fertilizers. Frank likes to recommend Turf Royale 21-7-14 blend for lawns and a 4-4-4 blend for trees and other plants. Fertilizing your lawn not only improves its growth, density and color, but also helps to control weeds without the use of extra chemicals. A thick, healthy carpet of grass makes it much more difficult for weed seeds to take root and sprout. Applying the right amount of fertilizer on fruit trees in early spring can encourage blooms and the right kind of foliage growth. Ornamental trees and shrubs can also benefit from light annual fertilization to promote growth. Keep fertilizers off the plants’ crowns and mix granulated varieties into the soil surface whenever... read more